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creating solid using surface wizard from a mesh

Question asked by Oakkar Zaw on Apr 29, 2014
Latest reply on May 7, 2014 by Oakkar Zaw

hi all


i currently have a large mesh data of a surface scan which i use meshlab to crop bits and pieces into solidworks for use as a STL file graphic body, there are too many faces to form a solid. basically i create solidworks parts that will be made to sit on top of this surface with the surface profile being generally flat with hemisphere protrusions along the length of the surface


currently i use 3D sketch points on the STL graphic body to locate reference points and use assembly mode with the created solidwork parts and STL graphic body. i then align the mates using the sketch points and use wireframe view to see how the solidworks parts sits on top of the STL graphic body to check for clearance/interference with the protrusions. it is a bit cumbersome so i thought i could use the mesh to create to a surface using the surface wizard, then the surface can form the back face of the solidworks part resulting in a solid and also saving time in fiddling around to check if the parts will sit nicely on top.


however i am finding issues in creating the surface as there are too many faces(20k) on the mesh(?). using guided creation loses quite a lot of the surface profile details and i cannot use automatic creation as it says the model size is smaller than 1mm. is there any other alternatives? i'm using solidworks 2012