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Create new M14 nut in SW 2014 Toolbox

Question asked by Igor Merino on Apr 29, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2015 by Josef Kasik



I've SW 2014 SP3 and in this version SW has "Additional Properties for Toolbox Components":


"Three  read-only properties, Part Name, Standard, and Specification, are available in Toolbox settings and appear in the Configure Component PropertyManager for standards  that have an existing Designation, such as AS, DIN, GB, ISO, IS, and KS. The properties are available in drawing or  assembly BOMs."


I think there is a problem with the new property called "Specification".


To create a new size, for example, for a new M14 ISO 4035 nut i go to toolbox and go to add new size:






And in the new column, "Specification", there isn't appear the specifitation for M14, there is a gap and for this reason i can't insert the new nut.




How can i create the specification for the new nut?


Thanks for all