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    Elastic Supports

    Wade Langford

      I'm modelling a pipe which is supported inside a material.

      I had modelled this using a solid mesh with orthotropic properties whcih had a elastic supports around the outer surface but was getting incorrect results and it did not adequately capture the membrane effects.

      In order to correct this, I change the model to a shell mesh but got a error saying somethign like "...it couldn't find an element for the elastic support...". Additionally, now that I have changed to a shell mesh, the elastic supports have disappeard from the list of available connections.


      Does this imply that SW does not support elastic supports for shell meshes and whay not?



        • Re: Elastic Supports
          Jared Conway

          hi wade, have you checked the solidworks kb? i checked real quick and the first article says elastic supports aren't supported for shells which matches up to what you're seeing


          maybe you could describe the whole system so that we can find an alternative. you could always model a spring to a solid that would act basically the same.