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    Multiple Wires of Ten

    Kelvin Elum

      Am new to the use of SolidWorks Electrical 2D.  I want to know how I can draw multiple wires of 10 (Ten) at the same time.  Can I accomplish this using the wire style manager, and if I can, how do I cofigure it so that I can draw ten wires same time on my graphic?


      I would appreciate any hint or suggestion.

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          Michael Pretekin

          In the latest version of SWE that I have used, 2014 SP2.0, the multiple wire style tool was pretty miserable to work with for anything more than five wires.


          That said, you didn't specify if the wires needed to be different styles or if you just needed ten of the same wire.  If the latter is the case, then set up the single wire style that you want, and when you click the button to start drawing wires, there is a field in which you can punch in the number of wires of that style you want to draw and what the spacing should be.  Then you can begin placing the wire per normal and SWE will handle the "nesting" of the wires when you change directions.