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Decals folder is empty...anyone know why?

Discussion created by John H on Feb 13, 2007
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I am having problems with a multiple configuration assembly displaying the decal mapping information of the components parts. Any reason why this is happening and how to correct it? Below are the details.

SW2006 SP5.0 X64
MS Windows XP x64

Step 1. Scan in decals and create .jpg files to use as decal lables and masks.
Step 2. Create a new part with a 3x6x0.020 extrude feature on the right plane. The sketch for the extrude feature is fully defined with the origin constrained to the center of the vertical and horizontal lines of the sketch and length and width dimensioned. Map the decal to a face of the extrude with label projection. Set the transparency of the extrude feature to 100 percent so only the decal label shows. All is good and all parts opened after creation show the mapped decal in the correct location as saved IF the part is opened by itself and not from within an assembly using the part! (more on this later).
Step 3. Repeat step 2 for 60 new parts.
Step 4. Create a new assembly using the parts containing the decal lables. When inserting the new part (with a mapped decal), the "Browse To" window displays the decal as mapped on the part. After inserting the part the mapping disappears and the label is no longer visible. A rebuild brings the view of the decal back. Save the file and close the assembly.
Step 5. Create a new assembly configuration with the following advanced options checked: Suppress new features and mates, Hide new components, Suppress new components. Insert a different part for this configuration.
Step 6. repeat step 5 for 60 different assembly configurations.
Step 7. Close out SW.

heres when the problem begins.

When opening the assembly file later...some of the configurations do not display the mapped label at all. Upon checking the Render Manager Tab for the configuration, "Decals (empty)" is displayed in the tree. When switching to a configuration that does display as expected, the information is there as expected. If you switch to a configuration that is using the part that is missing the label information, and then attempt to open the part from within "or" with the assembly in memory, then the part opens, but the decal label is mapped in the incorrect location!! It displays in the lower right corner as if the upper right corner of the .jpg is reset to the origin of the part. If you hit rebuild the decal maps back to the correct location. If the switch back to the assembly, the configuration now displays the mapped decal correctly. If you save the part and assembly and then attempt to reopen, the part displays the mapping correctly whereas the assembly may or may not display the decal!!! Enough to drive you nuts!! trying to figure out why this is occuring.

Any thoughs or suggestions appreciated!

I just noticed that only the selected configuration displays correctly upon opening the assembly. If I switch to any other configuration, the decal information is not displayed. (the parts are not loaded lightweight)