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Saving files takes too long

Question asked by Unniraj K on Apr 28, 2014
Latest reply on May 9, 2014 by George Skribas



My company is into Oil and Gas applications which means we use Routing and Weldments for most of our time. We have good configuration machines, 32GB Ram, nVidia Quadro K4000 Graphic card and enough disk space.


Since we are using routing the assembly is easily 2500 to 3000 components (including fastners). The problem I am facing is, SolidWorks takes too long to save files even on files with much less componets (100 - 150). Also switching between windows has a delay and this also happens when we are working on drawing files.


I have recorded the average time to save for assemblies and drawings, which is as below;

Routing assembly with 700 components : 13 seconds for simple changes with a maximum of 35 seconds.

Drawings with upto 7 sheets:  15 seconds for simple changes with a maximum of 43 seconds.


These figures may seem reasonable but at times the time taken to save files is in minutes.


I have also checked the machine performance during save and noted that hardly 5.0% CPU is used and only about 5.0~6.0 Gb of memory.


I have set the LAM threshole to 500 components, but still there is no improvement in the performance.


Is there any way I can improve the performance of the machine, specially the file Save time.


P.S : We dont have admin rights to the machnies. (just in case if that matters)