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    Why eDrawings?

      Does anybody know why a company needs edrawings, if you can't do much more than view them?

      All changes need to be made to the Solidworks file.

      Right now it doesn't make sense for us to maintain two different files for the same drawing.

      It seems like one extra step to complicate things.

      Suggestions welcome
        • Why eDrawings?
          Eddie Cyganik
          The plain & simple answer is eDrawings is for "communication". Not "everyone" has SolidWorks. (Your customers, vendors, suppliers, etc.)
          eDrawings is free.
          eDrawings is simplified.
          eDrawings is compact.
          You can measure & mark-up with eDrawing professional so you can communicate with those who do not have SoildWorks.
          By no means is edrawings to be thought of as another CAD system.
          • Why eDrawings?
            David Heinemeyer
            It's primarily for companys that don't have SolidWorks or for anyone that wants to view or manipulate SolidWorks files. If your company designs products for other companys like ours does it makes design reviews via remote easier if we can send the customer an eDrawing of the assembly model so they can examine the model, hide parts, dissassemble the model etc. eDrawing is free to anyone that wants to download it and enables opening for viewing any SolidWorks (Autocad dwg and dxf too) solid or drawing files. eDrawing pro allows markups as well.
            • Why eDrawings?
              Gerald Davis


              Originally posted by: J. Binczarowski Does anybodyknow why a company needs edrawings, if you can't do much more thanview them?

              Dear J.
              There is no requirement for you to use eDrawings.

              I use eDrawings to communicate with people who do not have a seatof SolidWorks.  My customers are delighted to watch theanimations, perform cross sections, study exploded views, observethe sequence from view-to-view, see section view in the context ofthe part, measure, and markup the eDrawings.

              As a communication tool, eDrawings is (are) superior to PDFs whenit comes to 3d visualization.
                • Why eDrawings?
                  Gerri Bernard
                  We also use it for design review in our company for people that have and don't have solidworks install on their computer. Everyone involved can see all the comments from others. Great communication tool for that purpose.
                    • Why eDrawings?
                      Martin Cox
                      If You install eDrawings on a computer on your network they can access the Solidworks files directly on a read only basis.
                      There is no need to create a separate eDrawing file.
                      Typically eDrawing files only need to be created when you are comunicating with people external to your network.
                      The wow factor when presenting a 3d model directly to a customer can not be underestimated!
                  • Why eDrawings?
                    Jason Capriotti
                    And you can send assembly files without having to worry about sending all the referenced files. You have options to automatically zip the file and save it as an exe file so the recipient doesn't even need eDrawings installed.
                      • Why eDrawings?
                        Rex Waters
                        Another aspect of eDrawings that has saved my behind a few times is the way it displays a drawing file. eDrawings seems to use the "preview image" that is created the last time a drawing file is saved. This is the same image that appears as the "preview" in the open>file dialogue box while browsing through files before actually opening them in SolidWorks.

                        The way this has saved me in the past is when the model that the drawing is referencing has become corrupted or accidentally deleted. As you can guess, if I were to try and open the drawing in SolidWorks, then all I get is empty drawing views (the dreaded box with an "X" in it). Instead I open the drawing file using eDrawings and I get the screen image as it was when it was last saved (eDrawings doesn't go looking for the referenced model to update the drawing views). I then print the drawing image and hopefully have all the dimensional specifications needed to remodel the part / assembly.
                      • Why eDrawings?
                        Larry Burton
                        We have just created a process for using eDrawings as an additional tool for our field service personnel. They feel a paper drawing is restrictive and want to be able to:
                        - look at the model from any angle
                        - be able to see thru objects
                        - get p/n's from the feature tree.

                        We include a documentation CD with all systems, this CD will now include eDrawings for this use.