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    Local Revision in Column View

    Lawrence Kiefer

      I would like to add a column that shows the local revision. I currently have it showing the drawing revision column but I cannot figure out how to show local. Has anyone had any success in doing this? Below is a screen shot of my columns, I hghlited the drawing revision that I currently show.



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          Brian Drifka

          I'd like to second this request. Does anyone know if this can be done? Thanks.

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            Brian McEwen

            I created a variable called "RevPerPDM" - I have the workflow set it each time a file is released and then leave it alone until next release.  I display that column and I show it (smaller and to the side) on datacards, along with the usual "Revision" variable (which is what is mapped to the drawing), it is handy for migrated files because then you can keep track of which ones need to go through Legacy release and which ones can do a regular release. 


            It's not terribly hard and it works, but if there an easier way I'd like to hear about it.   It seems like we should be able to directly access the Local revision (aka database revision). 

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              Brian Drifka


              I've been working on this now for about a week and according to my VAR there is no way to do this.

              There is a "search variable" called "Revision No." that you can use in your search card that I hoped would do the trick... however the VAR said that is not what it is for.

              He said the only way to get the system revision level is via SQL.

              Here's what I did (pain in the butt)...https://forum.solidworks.com/thread/82580

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                Rob D



                Not sure if this was answered but I just played with this today.


                For every transition which increases the revision number, I also have an action which sets a variable (in this case, I have a variable for Revision_Design) to %nextrevision%. This will update the variable and bump the revision. This variable can be used in the columns.


                It's not foolproof and you're depending on having the same data stored in two fields without any absolute direct connection, so there can be issues. I would play around and see what happens when the order of operations is changed, etc. to see how it reacts to different things, but I think with some positive testing it would work out to be okay. Still testing on possibility of (easily) generating a list of files where the variable and revision are not equal.


                Hope it helps,