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    3dsketch points virtual sharp corner

    Vijayakumar Pitchai

           I am creating tube model in solidworks API (using X,Y,Z coordinate points in 3dsketch,fillet and sweep features).  After that , I got all the 3d sketch points from model  through .Getsketchpoints2 function.

      But, Output of this function x,y and Z coordinate points are not in sequence.


      Also, how can i identify the center and virtual sharp corner points of Arc and except construction geomentry lines coordinates.(filter the construction line coordinates).

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          Artem Taturevych

          Hi  Vijayakumar,


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          The points returned in the sequence they were created. It is all up to you to sort them. You can use the SketchSegment::ConstructionGeometry to filter the centerlines. In regard to arc properties you can convert ISketchSegment to ISketchArc (just cast it) and you can find the methods like SketchArc::GetCenterPoint2 which returns the center point of the arc. You can also get the end points to calculate virtual sharp.


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