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    Where Used?

    earl navarro



      When you do a where used on a library part , it shows you all the places where it is used...that is all great.. but I would like to take that information and somehow transfer that to the  DRAWING.


      On our title block we have a  space that is called "USED ON"...currently we manually populate it... is there a way to transfer the information from the WHERE USE TAB.


      any help is greatly appreciated.




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          Mahmoud Ebesh

          Hello Earl,


          we tried to use this feature in our company, but the problem is sometimes the part is used in so many assemblies that you can't insert in the Title Block, so we stop searching for a solution to use it in the Drawing,


          and if you had Enterprise PDM installed, there will be no need for this feature, cause EPDM can show you all the assemblies that the part is used in, even with revisions of the same part.

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            Michael Dekoning

            While I agree with Mahmoud's point that a model could be used on multiple assemblies, you could probably do this with Dispatch or an add-in. You'd have to decide how to handle the extra references. Another option woud be to write a report to find the "where used" models that users could run and then do a copy/paste to the drawing. That would save them typing anyway.

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              Lee CS Young

              I have written an addtion to the standard convert task that stamps the PDF with the part quantity and it does have the capability of listing the where used information. It doesn't place the information on the drawing itself, but that is possible. Contact me if you're interested.