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    Barbell and Sleeve

    Matthew Haskell

      Hi all,


      I am creating a work out machine and the major component is a barbell w/ sleeves that turns.


      As you can see in the attached zip file, I have all of the parts.


      I have the barbell, the sleeves, and the latches....what I do not know how to do is make it so I can have a barbell with sleeves BUT still be able to turn the center, longest, smallest bar.


      I also was curious if anyone had an idea of how to attach the latches to the barbell....I have messed around with weld bead but unless someone knows how to explain it, I am not sure exactly how to use it to connect the bar. 


      Thank you for any help,



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          J. Mather

          Use symmetry, use symmetry, use symmetry.


          If you had Extruded your Barbell Connector midplane rather than blind - you could mate the existing workplane of the  Barbell Connector to Bar Connector.  The same is true for most of your parts and for your assembly process (mates).  You have a lot of symmetry that you did not make use of.


          Tip1: Did I mention, use symmetry about the origin?


          Tip2:  I probably would have modeled the entire assembly as multi-body solid and then push out the assembly.

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              Matthew Haskell

              So yes, there are many many things in solidworks that I simply do not know how to do.


              I just don't. I am a student in a course for it, a mechanical course, and I am a chemical/electrical. I have tried to learn solidworks but at the same time if I have another course that I will actually use for the remainder of my degree I focus on that....


              that being said, I still have to do this project. Quite simply, the teacher had us do everything on our own, work through some of the book, examples, projects. I know I do not know many of the aspects of solidworks but that will not change in the next two weeks.


              I do however need to complete this project, so in some cases the zips and the help would be more helpful in a beginner format...a very, do this step format. I do not understand symmetry about the origin. I realize I created it, but even trying to work out midplane, blind, workplane, assembly process...confuses the hell out of me. I really do not understand this program despite 100+ hours. So thank you again, but any really basic help would be the most helpful.



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                  Matthew Haskell

                  I'm slowly understanding what you are saying but once again, just a remainder, I don't know many of the things you are talking about or if I do, I don't understand what you are refering to or how to do it.


                  Like how would I go about doing that....the midplane extrusion...how do I go about mating with the planes.


                  I do not know how to do much and I don't know "solidworks speak" so much of what I get as answers, I can't actually comprehend

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                      J. Mather

                      Open the attached part file.

                      Right click on each feature and select Edit Feature.

                      Right click on each sketch and select Edit Sketch.


                      Do you see how I used the Origin center point to anchor the geometry about the origin workplanes (one of your sketches was not fully constrained).

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                        J. Mather

                        Now look at this weldment.


                        I didn't take the time to start over from scratch - but it probably would have been more logical to place the Barbell Connector at the origin, or the center of the hole on the Bar Connector.


                        Either way - we now have a workplane going right through the center of the sub-assembly.


                        As an instructor - I would emphasize the use of symmetry about the origin from day 1 (actually, from hour 1) of instruction.  Far more efficient.



                        Examine this feature tree VERY carefully.

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                            Matthew Haskell

                            Thank you,


                            Our instructor did talk about the importance of symmetry. It was not during our projects though and it was not detailed enough to be able to help out in many cases.  Our class was a mix of students who had and hadn't worked with Solidworks. I can speak for the portion who had never worked with it when I say that the material was presented but at many times it was very difficult to understand or be able to apply the material. Working an example in the book when there is steps written out is much different than creating a project on your own.


                            Once again, I was able to somewhat understand what you are saying but I am not sure what to do about it. Do I just rebuild the entire project?  Try to understand that I have all of the parts complete, and for a beginner student, creating them to a very long time. It will not be easy by any means to recreate the entire project.


                            I am trying to figure out a solution. I need to be able to turn in something that has the barbell connected so that it moves vertically. I already have the machine connected horizontally. I am not sure what more I can really do for the project. So far, I put in 5 hours in Solidworks and I get barely anything done where as 5 hours into any other class makes a good difference.


                            I have put over 100 hours in on this project and if I had the time, I'd put in 100 more to finish it but I do not. I have about 20-30 more hours and that is it. I need to find a way to create a workable project, maybe not the best, but a workable project in 20-30 hours. You have seen my project and I think you know the general idea. What would be the best route to take?

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                              Matthew Haskell

                              Is there anyway you could describe how you welded that, the bar connector and barbell connector? I have had no progress with welding, but if I could just do what you did, that would solve the problems, aside from one mate which I still do not know.


                              Also how would you go about welding the latching clips onto the base barbell?