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    PasteSheet Method

    Travis McGinn



      I am attempting to copy several drawing sheets into new drawings. Each of those sheets have cut list tables with parts and values linked to the dimensions attached to the drawing views. When I copy these sheets into my new drawing, the cut list tables lose their reference values because the name of the Drawing Views change. The Drawing Views all have unique names so multiple drawing views of the same name won't exist.


      I have tried the PasteSheet method using both parameter options for renaming and neither has prevented my Drawing View names from changing. Does the renaming parameter only work for Sheet Names? Are there other things that need to be kept in mind when using PasteSheet method? How can I paste sheets and keep my drawing view names from changing?

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          Matt Martens

          In the IView object there is the Name property which is read-only. There are two methods related to view names:  IView::GetName2 and IView::SetName2.


          You would probably need to compile a list of the view names (or at least the one that need to stay the same) and then use that list to rename the views after the paste.