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    trying to login to PDMworks

    Craig Makarowski

      Hi all, had this work once today now its broken when it gets to


           connection.Login "pdmwadmin", "pdmwadmin", "localhost"



      I'm currently using SW2013 SP5 and Win 7 x64


      AM I missing something fundamental?

      I have my Environment Varible pointing to the correct place for SW2013 for the PDMworks dll


      Code as follows from an example


      Option Explicit

      Dim swApp As Object

      Dim swModel As ModelDoc2

      Dim swModelPart As ModelDoc2

      Dim swModelAssy As ModelDoc2

      Dim swModelDocExt As ModelDocExtension

      Dim swModelDocExtPart As ModelDocExtension

      Dim swCustProp As Object 'CustomPropertyManager

      Dim connection As PDMWConnection

      Dim user As String

      Dim password As String

      Dim Vault As String

      Dim value As Integer

      Dim doc As PDMWDocument


      Sub main()


      Set swApp = Application.SldWorks

      user = "pdmwadmin"

      password = "pdmwadmin"

      Vault = "loclhost"

           ' connect to pdmworks and login

           Set connection = CreateObject("PDMWorks.PDMWConnection")

           connection.Login "pdmwadmin", "pdmwadmin", "localhost"


          Dim alldocs As PDMWDocuments


          Set alldocs = connection.Documents


          Dim adoc As PDMWDocument


          Dim msgBoxStr As String


          For Each adoc In alldocs


              If LCase(Right(adoc.Name, 6)) = "sldprt" Then


                  msgBoxStr = msgBoxStr & "Part: " & adoc.Name & vbNewLine


                  msgBoxStr = msgBoxStr & "Assemblies where it is used:" & vbNewLine


                  Dim whereUsedList As PDMWLinks


                  Set whereUsedList = adoc.WhereUsed


                  Dim l As PDMWLink


                  For Each l In whereUsedList


                      If LCase(Right(l.Document.Name, 6)) = "sldasm" Then


                          msgBoxStr = msgBoxStr & "    " & l.Document.Name & vbNewLine

                          Debug.Print msgBoxStr

                     ' Stop


                      End If




                  msgBoxStr = msgBoxStr & "----" & vbNewLine


              End If




          'Output.data = msgBoxStr






      End Sub