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SHEET METAL PROS; Cannot achieve flat pattern with holes

Question asked by Jesse Robbers on Apr 28, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2014 by Kenneth Barrentine

I don't deal with sheet metal items of this nature often so I may not know the work arounds within the software to accomplish what I would like. The attached SW file is 2012, the IGES file was from 2014 but may possibly be opened in older versions.


It is important for the green colored faces in the jpeg image to be as they are. This item acts as part of a capacitive switch. Solidworks can complete a flat pattern with this sweep just fine maintaining the profile and path I want. It does not retain the holes when the flat pattern in unsuppressed. The holes will, or should be, oval shaped in order for the plate to align over plastic posts that are in the same direction as the sketch that creates these holes. I tried a lofted bend and was only able to get a more simple sweep shape, the profile was a straight line and did not like additional sketch entities in it's profile. I tried creating a flat plate, add holes, sketched bends but it would not allow me to add additional sketched bends to get the sweep type shape I want. the thickness of this part is not critical, .010" - .040" is fine. If anyone could take a gander I would appreciate the help, thanks.