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Question asked by Matthew Haskell on Apr 26, 2014
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Ok, so I have attached my file.


I am in a Solidworks class and we have individual projects. For some reason, I choose a variation of a work out smith machine known as the jones machine. It has both vertical and horizontal movement.


I am in need of help. I have all the parts done. I have had all the parts done for weeks but I cannot assemble them...I try to mate and sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. I measure out and make sure they will line up but it still says the cyclinders centers do not line up....I drag and they do...they line up perfectly but it does not allow them to mate.


I also do not know how to stop the bottom of the assembly from moving beyond the block at which it should stop.


Any help would be appreciated...I have all the parts necessary but wouldn't mind rebuilding them though I'd really want to be sure before I do.


I am struggling with Solidworks and I simply have not been able to make much ground besides creating the actual pieces...I have been attempting to align and mate these pieces for 4 hours...


Thank you