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HUGE Texture Issue! Converting Textures from SW to Composer

Question asked by Larry Meyers on Apr 25, 2014
Latest reply on May 1, 2014 by Larry Meyers

We just barely purchased Composer to help us with our media creation for brochures, specs, etc... as we've seen it demonstrated doing a great job of.


However, When I tried to import my assembly (.SLDASM) from SolidWorks, it failed to import my textures giving me gray colored parts.


Read my whole problem story here: <Seen Here>


I’ve even created custom textures to put on my parts, same result! Why can’t I get my textures to look just like they did in SolidWorks?!? Is this NOT a SolidWorks product?? This software is POINTLESS if I can’t make my products look nice! That’s the whole point of it!