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EPDM Email notifications.....And their Chaiotic structure

Question asked by Lawrence Kiefer on Apr 25, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2014 by Pete Yodis

I am currently trying to find a solution, working with my VAR for an issue we are having with the EPDM email notifications. Is it really possible that we are the only company that has brought this up as something solidworks needs to address asap. It is not something that hinders the use of the software but it is something that is causing extreme frustration and confusion.


When drawings are submitted for approval, they pass through my approval workflow along with the associated parts and assemblies. The email notification as you can see in my image below includes drawings, parts and assemblies, and it does not seem to organize them in any reasonably easy ro read format. Keep in mind the approval departments outside of engineering have no idea  what SLDDRW SLDASM and SLDPRT files are, so they dont even know what links to click on. Although parts and assemblies need to be revision controlled with most aerospace jobs, the approval departments are only concerned with checking the drawings and approving them, not the parts or assemblies. I really wish that these notifications could be edited to remove the par and assembly links altogether. The parts and assemblies should still follow the drawings through the workflow, and get bumped up in revision, bit behind the scene.


So, if there is a way this can be done, that me and my VAR have overlooked I would appreciate it being shared with us.


Even if no one has a solution, I would like to know how others are doing this and also I would appreciate opinions on this topic. Maybe if enough people reply to this post and agree that this is an issue, solidworks might notice and make a change.



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