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    Problems with get or set setting in 3DGrid system, Insert Structural Member

    Cloud Strife Pom Cloud Strife Pom


      The interface of insert Ref_Grid3D should look like this
      I try to remove the check box "3DSketch Split Lines" before this interface appear (means before using this feature)
      I found out that the solidworks can remember the setting which on or off. (try with closing assembly and closing soilidwork and next time that i use this feature it will set as the same as before)


      unfortunately, i cannot find it in API (or i missed something)


      how can i solve this problem


      and also with the apply corner treatment (actually i can turn it off later with the function in "IStructuralMemberGroup" by setting in "CornerTreatmentType Property " 
      but i prefer to set (on and off) before calling this feature



      and the last question......



      how can I get the body with the same group as define in IStructuralMemberGroup
      Because, this method will return only segment that use to insert the welment but not return any body to me

      (As you can see in previous picture in path segments box, it will return only name of line or segment but not the body)

      Anyway to link segment with body or get body from the "IStructuralMemberGroup"



      Thanks so muchhhhhh