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Outline of a solid body

Question asked by J. R. on Apr 25, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2015 by Brandon Massoni

Hi all,


In experimental design, I have a  very complex 3D solid body, created through equations, references to other parts, and so on. Changing the model changes this solid body, so it has no constant edges or faces.


Attaching the part.


I need to make an outline of this body on the Right plane. A sketch contour around this part. I could make it manually, but as I said, this part is dynamic, and I would have to repair all references every time model changes.



What options am I looking at? As I said before, the goal is to make an outline on the Right plane (I will be making planar surface from that outline later).





P.S. Sorry it is not in English, and has external references. Please just ignore it. This part refers to a model I was talking about, and that model is very big. If anyone is wondering - this is displacement of a sailboat, and I will be calculating center of lateral resistance, so I need to project outline of this solid body on the Right plane.