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Best Mobile Workstation

Question asked by James Schulz on Apr 24, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2014 by James Schulz

Hello fellow solidworks users,


Here at my company we work with large assembiles, 1000-2000 parts, and we are at that fork in the road of do we buy new desktop workstations

or get mobile workstation to eliminate being tied to a desk. We currently get handed a lenovo W520 "mobile workstation" from time to time if we need to

work from home or off site and those computers never seem to run smooth they either crash or lag real bad. So Im currently tasked to look into mobile

workstation but i cant seem to find any reviews that are engineer based its mostly gaming. I currently have a MSI GT60 and GT70 that was left in my hands to evaluate from

MSI, Thank you MSI, and so far im very impressed but i want to hear from other people and their experinces. So if you could please share with me any reviews or comparisions that may have seen or experienced that would be great.


Thanks Again