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    eDrawings on Android/ ES File Explorer

    Mac Trec

      Hi All,


      So I have an Android phone, I have ES File Explorer installed and I connected to one of my shared drives. When I try to open an edrawings file, all it does is bring me to the Samples menu. But my actual drawing doesn't show up. Any ideas? Why is it not opening my file?

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          Dermot Cradden

          I have the same sort of issue, all I can open is their sample files nothing else.

          I even emailed myself a edrawing file and the mail app says there isn't an app that can open that kind of file.

          When I select the "user file" menu it gives me two options neither of which does anything.

          I have to import a file to open it?

          why not just let me open a file from a directory?

          Kind of thing thats been around since windows 3.1

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            Wayne Gissing

            i found the solution to this earlier today


            you need to download off the play store a new file manager, give it access to your downloads then if using email click save on the attachment, it will be saved in the downloads folder on the file manager, go to the file manager locate the file and click it and if you have EDrawings on your phone/tablet it will open it


            you only need to do that once then it will be in your My Files folder in EDrawings