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Flat Pattern-Wrong Bend Lines in dxf file

Question asked by George Skribas on Apr 24, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2014 by George Skribas

Hello guys,


I have a weird problem with the flat patterns of my sheet metal parts. It has probably been there from the start but i realized it recently because i had to keep certain accuracy in dimensioning.


Basically, i have two problems.


1. The bend lines shown in the flat pattern exported in dxf are in different distance from the bend lines in the pdf. They can have about 2-3mm difference in a 1,25mm thick part. The sheet is regular stainless steel AISI304 1,25mm thick. In my opinion, the pdf bend lines are the correct ones (after discussing it with my press brake guy as well).

2. The horizontal bend lines (check attached dxf and pdf) most of the times aren't horizontal but have a slope from one side to the other. They start from the bottom point of the trim end from one side and follow a slope and end about 1,5mm higher on the other side or vice versa. This happens to the vertical bend lines sometimes.


None of those "effects" exist on the part file when i unsupress the flat pattern or on the drawing file.


Since i use Inside radius = Thickness i have a k factor of 0,33. This doesn't seem to affect the dxf though. Even with different configuration the pdf and dxf files are never the same. The overall blank sheet dimensions though are the same.


I am running Solidworks 2010 SP2.1 with windows 7 x64bit ultimate version.


Any thoughts? Did anyone face anything similar?