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Cap on the number of constraints in a part/sketch?

Question asked by Aaron Feustel on Apr 23, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2014 by J. Mather

SW2013 SP4, file is proprietary so I can't attach it, but a picture is attached.


I have a very complex base sketch with multiple equations and a few hundred relations in a sheet metal part.  I'm having trouble because Solidworks appears to be loosing or ignoring some of the relations, so some of the sketch shows in blue when it logically shouldn't.  For example: I have a circle with a line to another circle, all in black.  A second colinear and equal line goes to a third equal circle, which are in blue even though they are fully defined.  See the attached picture.  Does solidworks have a cap on the number of relations or constraints or whatnot which can be used in a sketch or part?


I am also having trouble with dimensions later in the sheet metal part changing for no apparent reason.  For example, I will set the bend radius, then go back and make changes or switch configurations, and when I come back, the radius has gone to zero and is failing.  If I change it back, and repeat the process, it will do it again.  If I then modify the same radius and set it as an equation "=<some number>" then it seems to lock that dimension down, so I am seriously considering setting ALL of my features' dimensions to equations just so I know they won't change...  Anyone else seen this kind of behavior?