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Hole Wizard Slot Favorites Length Not Sticking

Question asked by Joel Lieungh on Apr 23, 2014

So aside from the fact that there is no option to make the slot length dimension go center to center instead of overall length, I have another issue with the new slot hole wizard feature.  I am trying to set up favorites for slots.  I can get a custom width to stay.  However, the length seems to be bugged.  I can set it to the length that I want for the favorites.  Save the favorites.  Start a new part.  Insert a new slot feature.  The first slot in the favorites list looks to be correct.  However, if you change the favorite selection, the length will be whatever the last favorite I saved was set to.  Then if you stay in the Hole Wizard dialog and pick another favorite, it has reverted to the .500 default length.  Switch to any other favorite and they are all reverted back to the .500 default.  Exit the hole wizard without creating the feature.  Close the part without saving.  Start another new part, the Hole Wizard slot favorites are now all back to the .500 default length.  Anyone else seeing the same thing?  Any ideas?