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SeRestorePrivlege Error When Running Copy Settings Wizard

Question asked by Michael Wade on Apr 23, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2014 by Anthony Macke

I have an issue I've never seen before.  When either trying to Save or Restore settings using the "Copy Settings Wizard," I get an error window that pops up the second I click the "Next" button:


Cannot load SolidWorks setting information from 'mwade'.

Cannot set the following privilege: SeRestorePrivilege


I just started a new job a few days ago.  I'm quite certain this has to do with my Windows User permisions.  At all my previous employers, I (and all the other SW users) were Administrators on our machines.  I'm not here, even though I was assured verbally by the IT person that I was (I checked the user account management - I'm not).  This person knows nothing about SolidWorks aside from performing the basic installation.


What do I tell them that they need to correct with our Windows user account permissions?  If they won't let SW users run as admins on their machines here, how can this issue be remedied?  Copy Settings Wizard is vital to standardize settings across all our users.