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Help to render this spinning propeller !

Question asked by Tod Mailler on Apr 23, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2014 by Thomas Idebrant

Greetings !


I would just like to make a revolve part (solid or surface) support an image file as an appearance or a decal without refraction, reflection, or any other material visual properties.


I made this .png file of a spinning propeller to go on the disk of the model file i attached to this post.






The model attached uses a revolved surface and the png file is applied as one decal per face. (Front and Back)



The appearance of the supporting surface is set to fully transparent with all "illuminations" parameters to 0.


Still, PhotoView will consider not only the .png decals but the surface itself so the result is not what i was expecting. (Not to mention that it takes for ever to render)



I use a Decal instead of a regular custom Appearance since i didn't find a way to use the .png transparency. (i.e. Alpha channel)


Any idea how i can improve this ?


Thanks !