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    Change wireframe colors on exported parts?

    Todd Bennett

      I have a VBA macro to change my part color then Iges out the part.  The problem is the wireframe does not take on the color.  Our CNC programmers use the colors to quickly identify the thickness.  They use the wireframe most of the time (let's not debate that topic).


      How do I change the wireframe color to match the part's color so the exported part's wireframe is the same color as the surfaces?




      Options selected for export:


      IGES solid/surface entities: Trimmed Surface(type 144)

      IGES wireframe (3D curves): B-Splines (Entity type 126)

      Surface representation/Sytem preference: MASTERCAM

      Export 3D Curve features

      Use high trim curve accuracy

      IGES assembly structure:

           Save all components of an assembly in one file

           Flatten assembly hierarchy

      Split periodic faces