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Importing a NX file into Solidworks to make Blister Packaging

Question asked by Grant Patterson on Apr 22, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2014 by Grant Patterson

Hi everyone, thanks in advance for looking at this thread..


So I have a problem which I have spent a couple of days trying to resolve:


I have been asked to make blister packaging for this baby bib (picture below) but the problem is I use solidworks and not NX (before you say it I will learn NX in the near future).

The company who created the bib use NX and therefor the only availible files are those that are created in NX. When I import various file types in solidworks I cant use them in the 'indent' feature, which is the way I planned to make the packaging... I am also open to suggestions on how else to create the packaging (I have tried various other ways ie surface offset etc.) Feature diagnostics does not fully work which limits me too, I can fix the problems manually but still does not help over all. I should probably also mention that thicken and surface knit are not working. I have also tried using MeshLab to help import the file with no avail. So my questions are:


- What file type should I save it in NX to import it into solidworks?

- Is there any way I can get the history tree to show?

- Is there a better way to create blister packaging in solidworks?