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Unwanted Lines shown on Text (cuts from Solidworks)

Question asked by Tyler Gross on Apr 22, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2017 by Rachel Bolinger

Hey Guys,

I am new here and have been using composer for a couple weeks now. (Been using solidworks for years tho) Anyway I have this part that has text cut into it from solidworks. However when I do a technical illustration or high res output, composer seems to be adding random lines that aren't geometry in places around the text. (Which is giving me bad images for publishing to illustrator) I have been trying all kinds of different views & selections. (ie sharp outlines, construction outlines and smart outlines, all three make there own sets of lines or just don't get rid of them) I have attached a tech illustration I converted to jpg for quick upload (file type doesn't seem to have any effect anyway on this issue), as well as a screen shot from composer, you should be able to see the faint lines in the red highlighted areas. (those are what I do not want/don't even exist)

I have even cut the text in the solidworks model, and tried another version where I bossed the text instead of cutting it. (same lines showed up). My next try will be to remove all the text and maybe try a 2D overlay in Composer.

Has anyone come across this before? Any suggestions or ideas I could try?

Thanks for the help!