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    Insert Design table from network location

    Cory Lehr



      I'm a beginner when it comes to macros and would appreciate some help.  I'm trying to get a macro that will insert a design table from a specific loaction on our server into the part.  We are updating our templates to one that runs on a design table and to make it easier for everyone I was going to write a macro to insert the design table into legacy templates.  Has anyone ever done this or could you point me in the correct direction?


      Any help is appreciated.




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          Matt Martens

          What is the purpose of having a macro to do this? Do you intend to run the macro when a user starts a new part to insert the design table? Is it possible to have a template with the design table already loaded and delete it when the user doesn't want/need it? How many templates do you use?


          Just seems counterintuitive to spend a time on a macro that wouldn't be used a lot.


          The method you need is IModelDoc2::InsertFamilyTableOpen.

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              Cory Lehr

              I have already created the new template that has the design table in it.  This macro would be to add it to the existing/older part template that doesn't include the design table currently.  We only use one template for parts and assemlies.  The new part template utilizes a design table to help populate finish callouts and material callouts with a custom material selected.  I was just trying to automate the update process from old to new template and make it easier on some of the engineers here