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Drawing Zone Callouts

Question asked by Timothy Wagner on Apr 22, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2015 by Sarah Dwight



I'm new to SolidWorks, and I've been looking for info on if it's possible to automate the callouts for sheet and zone for view location.  As an example, lets say I have a detail view called out on sheet 1, zone B3, and the actual view is show on sheet 3, zone C2.  I would like to place a note either in or near the detail view name that's something like this "SHEET 1, ZB3", and on the detail view circle it would be "SHEET 3, ZC2".  I would also like these notes to be linked to the actual location of the view or the view callouts.  Meaning, lets say I move the detail to a different view zone, or even sheet, then the associated note would update to show the new view location.


This may already be an open discussion, so I'm sorry if I'm bringing up old subjects.  Any help would be great.