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Naming convention for parts

Question asked by Hughes Steve on Apr 22, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2014 by Mike Pogue

I have done some research on this site and others with regards to how parts are named in their descriptions.


I have a group that is tasked with renaming, correcting, verifying and making everything uniform for our BOM's in drawings and our internal database.  Fun project, eh?


One of the problems is that we make a lot of custom parts where one part can be and is used in more than one assembly, so it makes it difficult.


We're trying to follow the system of: What the part is, most significant modifier, next most significant modifier.


It's easy for most of our parts, but not for the parts used in multiple assemblies.


For example, a custom made precision piston, we have 50 (approx.) of them.  Many are used in multiple places, but they're called out as one assembly.


Like this:  Piston, Red car.  But it's used in a blue and yellow car as well.  How do you describe that?  My suggestion was to treat them like hardware and say, "piston, dia. x length, material


Not looking like that's going to happen.


What do you do in similar situations?