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    Removing tangent edges from section views.

    Wassim Hassoun

      More of a philosophical question then anything. I have been using solidworks for over 8 years now. 10 months ago i accepted a new position at my current company. The old school engineers keep harking at me that my section views need to have the tangent edges turned off. Now by default solidworks has them on so i have never turned them off. i have worked for many companies and nobody has ever complained and told me to change this until now. They say GD&T is no tangent lines, and they say i would fail a drafting class for having those lines in my drawings. I constantly remind them this is 3d modeling not chizzling drawings into stone. What do you guys think, should i do no tangent lines all the time. what are some benefits and drawback to both.


      I have attached a pic comparing the two.

      Thank you in advance!

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          Glenn Schroeder

          I don't know what any particular standard may be, but I have them all turned off for all views (Tools > Options > System Options > Drawings > Display Style > "Tangent Edges > Removed").  In the rare case where they're needed, it's easy enough to turn them on for a particular view.

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            Tom dunn

            I have been a draftsman/designer for the past for 25 years and that is the first time I have ever heard of that. "no tangent lines" & I don't understand what GD & T would have anything to do with showing them either?


            Sometimes though companies have there own way of doing things that are outside of a drafting standard. If the old guys have to check, approve your work in the end, you might have to go with the flow.   Tom

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              Jeff Holliday

              I think it is more of a company standard. I normally use tangent edges shown with font. This still shows them without appearing to clutter the drawings.

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                Jody Holm

                Think of your drawings as if you were drawing them on a drawing board, no CAD system. You would not even think of projecting a tangent edge to a section or projected view. A tangent edge is not an object line (like SW shows it to be) and would never be something you would dimension too. When you look at any part, in real life you can not see a tangent edge....because it is not an edge.

                Yes it looks cool and makes it look like you did a lot of work, but working drawings are more about clarity and accuracy, not cool. Put them on in your iso views if you want.

                Sounds like you work with some pretty well schooled engineers. Good drafting practice is becoming a lost art. Keep your eyes and ears open!

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                    Robert Berry

                    Started on the board, (drafting), in 1985 and tangent lines were never used, as it was not neccesary, and took to much time.


                    Never seen it as a written standard, but it is an unwritten one at every company I have worked at.


                    Turn em off and leave them off, unless they are needed for clarity, which is seldom the case.


                    I was taught the only information to be found on a drawing was what was needed to produce the part, no more, no less.


                    So if it is not a dimensionable feature or part of the section it does not belong.


                    Just my opinion.

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                      Wassim Hassoun

                      But we are not drawing on a board. Sure for simple parts i agree, but for complex geometry it is absolutely necessary. Your comment about it being cool is irrelevant. nobody even talked about coolness. nor does anyone care about that. Nobody said dimension to those lines. My only point is that they told me it was a standard and a rule. I understand the clarity but dont tell me my drawing is wrong because of it. when a straight line and an arc intersect in one point then the arc is tangent. that is the law. so one "point" of intersection. A bunch of points revolved create a line.

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                      Robert Berry

                      For the record I never said it was cool or otherwise, just wrong.


                      I haven't the time or inclination to search ad nauseum for an ASME standard or otherwise.


                      Suffice it to say that any engineering graphics book,published  for the ancient drafting board or CAD, will state in the multiview projection chapter that , "no line should be drawn where a curved surface is tangent to a plane surface".


                      Maybe that's not a standard, but it is tradition and that's good enough for me.


                      You do what you want, but your colleagues are correct in calling you on it.