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Error installing Solidworks 2013 64-bit

Question asked by Sandra Sundelin on Apr 22, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2015 by Nick Hungtinton

Hi there,


I'm getting an error when I want to install Solidworks. It's a student version and I'm using the CD for the 64 bit version since my computer is a 64 bit Windows 7.


This is what pops up when the installation fails:

The executable file "D:\PreReqs\VCRedist10\vcredist_x64.exe" /q /norestart did not install succesfully.


I've tried to go into the folder and install vcredist_x64.exe manually but it fails even then. What can I do? This is very frustrating since I can't find any help about this anywhere.


Any support much appreciated.

Thank you in advance