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Quick Mates Pop Up Location Variability (Not the center of the screen issue)

Question asked by Joel Lieungh on Apr 21, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2014 by Raymond Morris

I have some bugginess/odd behavior going on with the quick mates pop up dialog box.  I have my settings for  the Context Toolbar set as shown:




I have "Show on selection" turned off because this locks out keyboard entry when it is active, and kills my keyboard shortcuts.  However, I like having the following two options available upon right clicking.  The issue comes in with the position of the pop up for the Quick Mates toolbar.  It is wildy random.  If I pick two items from the left of the screen to the right of the screen and right click it will show up like so:


Position 1.png


If I pick from the right to the left, I get this:


position 2.png


You can see the Quick Mates pop up toolbar peeking out from behind the main In-Context Toolbar.


It is not always in the same relative position to the In-Context toolbar either:


position 3.png


Here you can see it is actually behind the In-Context menu, between the shortcut bar and the menu bar.  Sometimes it is not visible at all (I'm assuming it's completely covered up by the In-Context menu.


I am running a dual monitor setup with an Nvidia Quadro 1000M card in an HP laptop.


Any ideas?  I saw the posts about the boxes always popping up to the center of the screen, related to video card/mouse settings.  I do not believe this is the same issue.  However I cannot be sure because I can't seem to find any settings like that in the Nvidia control panel.


Thanks for any insight.