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    Creating free form 3d parts - start from 2d sketches

    Xam Ti

      I know that solidworks does a good job in converting 2d DWG files into 3d parts with some user interactions.



      I want to freehand sketch (spline) on a plane and project(extrude) from the 3 faces (2d splines)  to use it to create my outer profile of my part and then later detail it with features holes/fillets/chamfers...etc..)



      What are the commands that i need to research in which order - for me to achieve my objective ?


      Thank you in advance

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          Kelef Man

          hei Xam, my guess would be you need to look at lofting,

          solids and shell. or surfaces and thicken,

          depends on the end goal, maybe a combination,

          without a scrnshot or graphic example hard to

          be definitive? ( BTW in SolidWorks

          you can reach the same result by different methods usually)


          hope this gets you started

          have a good'n- kelef

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            Jerry Steiger



            Project Curve will do the first part. After that, it depends on the types of shapes that you want to make, as Kelef said. Personally, I usually work with Surfaces, particularly Boundary and Fill Surfaces. Swept Surfaces and also be very helpful. Lofts are an older version of Boundary Surfaces, but there are a few situations (particularly the Centerline Loft) where older is better. If you do find that surfacing is the right way to go, there is a Surfaces forum that may be very helpful.


            Jerry S.