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Toolbox - Not worth the effort

Question asked by David Anderson on Feb 11, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2008 by Roy Potter
Hi All,

This may have already been stated before, so at the risk of being repetitive, I want to get opinons.

I have been using Soldworks w/toolbox since 2000. it has always been a real pain to work with folks at different companies who do not have the exact install path etc. It is also unprofessional to upload an asseembly to a client and have all fasteners be replaced with monster truck-size fasteners in assemblies no larger than 10 cu-in. It is simply a POS in my book.

The pack and go does not work either because there can be conflicts with the toolbox database (which is more complicated than the US tax laws) on the client end.

So I ask: Is worth the effort?

I say no. For some it may work, but I do not wish to pay for this useless feature yet Solidworks does not provide ala carte features. It pains me to know my maintenance is funding this feature that has become totally useless to me.

Thanks for letting me vent!