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    Struggling with Surface

    Sam R

      Hello good people.

      I thank you in advance for your input.  I've been studying surface modeling and watching videos (like this-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fA2-i34UVUo). But despite all the time spent learning about SL and surfacing specifically, there are still difficult snaffus.  One of them is the reason for this post


      I've been working for awhile on this rain cover and sometimes the surfaces just flow nicely, other times every different type of surface that I try has errors


      If you have any solutions, I'm all ears

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          Mark Biasotti

          Hi Sam,


          Hard to know what you want to do next in your model and what you are having trouble with given that it is one surface and some 3D sketches....





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              Sam R

              Thanks Mark;

              I can see the confusion.  The surface which is hidden is of no consequence, it was just a reference.  I updated the included drawing with the two sketches that I want to create a surface with labeled.  So far when creating a surface I would create two parallel lines on a sketch and two connecting lines on a different sketch.  By using Lofted Sketch I could use the four lines to create a surface. With this one however it's not working.

              If you re-download the file, it should reflect this

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              Tom dunn

              Hi Sam. I looked at your part and I don't know what you want surfaced. I am guessing you want a surface made using lower-panel_verticals and lower-panel_horizontals? If you zoom in on the top left there is a gap between the lines. I am going to use your sketch's to create one continuous (new) sketch all on the same plane.

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                  Sam R

                  Thank you so much for your time Tom.

                  I did find and correct the gap which you mentioned. Unfortunately I'm using Solidworks R2011 which predates what most people are using today.  This means that files saved by another would not be readable.  I am indeed looking to make a surface with 'lower-panel_verticals and lower-panel_horizontals.'  In the past when I've tried to make a surface with all lines on one sketch, the error 'at least two profiles are required to build a loft [surface].'  This is why I created the vertical guides and horizontal guides on seperate sketches.

                  So I cannot find a surface option which fills the whole boundary.  The closest I've come is a rectangular surface which doesn't include the front curve.