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SW hangs while using a fraction of system resources available

Question asked by Rick Blaha on Apr 18, 2014
Latest reply on May 7, 2014 by John Burrill

While manipulating a single part assembly, Solidworks hangs during a rebuild. I have monitored the system resources and the CPU usage peaks at 12% and the physical memory remains steady state at 11%, seemingly indicating no further program processing. I have made the registry tweak for the maximum GDI Objects allowed in Windows and SW is topping out at 1,023, even though the overall system draw is only 2,456.


Are there any options/tweaks to prevent SW from topping out at these levels? It seems as though the software is not grabbing the available resources it needs to complete the process.


System config:

ASUS Z87 Expert mobo

Intel i7 4771 3.5 GHz CPU

Win 7 pro x64 (visually stripped down for performance)

256GB SSD Boot (Solidworks drive)

32GB DDR3 2400 RAM

AMD FirePro W7000 4GB Video Card