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center line/phantom line circle for Detail View

Question asked by Carl Gauger on Apr 17, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2014 by Carl Gauger

I've never run into this before, but, but maybe some of you have.


I have a client that wishes to have the defining circle of a Detail View displayed as a center line or a phantom line.  I cannot get SW to provide this.  If I edit the skecth and make the circle construction geometry, it give me the error


and closes the sketch with the solid line as before.  If I start with a construction line circle and then select the Detail View I get the same error.  I've tried other irregular shapes as well--same thing.  The construction line option is cancelled after you exit the sketch, so that if you try and edit it again it's gone.


I know it seems like a picky thing, but when they ask for it, you'd like to be able to give it to them.


I'd appreciate hearing from anyone with the same experience, a workaround, or certified solution.