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BOMs Sorting FAIL

Question asked by Keeying Tan on Apr 18, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2014 by Keeying Tan

Ever since "upgrading" to Solidworks 2013 we have not been able to sort BOMs correctly.

My company seems to be the only people using Solidworks with this problem...



Sometimes I open an old drawing file (created before Solidworks 2013) and the BOM inside sorts correctly!


Please see pictures below for the settings and a BOM as example.

It apperas to sort randomly every time I try to sort.



This BOM is correct (because I manually sorted it) and I try to sort it using the sort function:



It will sort in a very random order:-


1st run:



2nd Run:



3rd Run:



We would really appreciate it if someone could help, or just give a theory on why this is happening!

Sorting manually is getting a bit too tiresome.


Thanks in advance!