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    Ribs to be properly displayed on mirrored part drawing

    Arnaud Girin

      Hi everyone,


      I am Arnaud, I am new to this forum and I have been looking for an answer to the following question without any success so far.


      Using Solidworks 2012, I am making a part  that is a casting part, this part have ribs and they are shown properly without hatching on their drawing (exclude ribs feature on section view option). So far so good.


      Now I want to make a opposite version of this part, either by the mirror part option when my active part a symmetry plane is selected, or by creating a new part and import the previous part then mirror its body. Now, when I want to create a drawing for this part I can't seem to exclude ribs on section view since the part refered in the view is a imported part with no direct link with a rib feature.


      How could I make my mirrored part drawing to have excluded ribs on its section views? What would be the best practice without having to create ribs on the mirrored part?


      I hope this is understandable, let me know if you need me to explain it a bit further.





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          Scott McFadden


          Welcome to the forum.

          Can you post some images of what you have and what you are looking for?

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              Arnaud Girin


              Thank you,

              You will be able to see the sitation on the attached picture, I have my first part and its drawing on the left window. When I make a section of the front view I have the option to exclude the rib from the secton view (no hatching).

              But when I mirror this part (either by selecting the "Insert>Mirror Part..." option  or inserting then mirroring my first part), I obviously don't have the possibility to exclude the ribs on the section view because it doesn't appear on the feature tree of the new part (right window on the drawing).




              My question is, how can exclude ribs (no hatching) on a mirrored part?


              Even if I want to use two distinct files for these two parts and drawings, I tried to solved this problem by creating a new configuration on my first part and then mirror it, but then it still doesn't work since the rib feature is "hidden" by the next "mirroring" feature.


              The ideal situation would be to avoid doing the same work twice, like creating the rib feature twice (one on each par)t, or creating the mirrored version of the part from scratch.


              My current solution for this is very bad, it consists in creating a closed sketch region on the mirrored part section view than correspond to the rib area and then hatch it in a solid white color so that it won't appear on pdfs or prints.


              I hope you guys have a better solution or practice for this particular situation!



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              Arnaud Girin

              Ok, I think I kind of answered myself now. I am just sharing the method I found to deal with this issue for those who may encounter this difficulty.


              The solution is simply have two different bodies, one for the rib itself and one for the rest of the part.

              The rib is created and some fillet are added if necessary.

              The tree bar is rolled back before the creation of the rib and then the faces where the rib is contact with the rest of the part are selected and copied (offset 0)

              The tree bar is set back to the bottom of the tree and the split feature is used with the previously created surface to split the body in two.

              We now have two different bodies and we can choose to mirror these two bodies and apply a no hatch to the rib body.


              If someone have a better solution than this I am still open to suggestions!


              Thanks to all of you!