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Why does SW delete my design tables?

Question asked by Devon Murray on Apr 17, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2014 by Mark Dougall

I have been using SW since 2007, and every year they seem to keep adding "features" that break everything else.

Here is another funny one that has arose this year in 2014:


I have a very extensive Library with many pipe, tube, electrical, and just parts and pieces that I've come across with every project. With every release, we go through our Design Library and update the models to the most recent version

Now, every 2-3 days, I will open another part in to a route and solidworks DECIDES FOR ME

"The Design Table feature is empty, so it has been removed from the tree."



Dear SolidWorks,


Why would you give me a dialog that says "I am deleting your data and there is nothing you can do. You probably don't ever want to know that I am deleting your data in the future, Don't show again?"

Why would my design table be present last night, but when I come in today and open the exact same model, it decides to delete it?

Why does SW decide that 18 parts have changed in the model as soon as I load it, even though NOTHING was actually changed?

--> I think this is what has broken my part. Why, every time I save, does SW try to save all of my READ-ONLY flanges and elbows? (and a ton of other parts too)

--> Clearly my READ-ONLY parts' design tables are still there; do I need to make EVERYTHING READ-ONLY or else SW will delete more of my data?