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Design Library - Part - Add in and Use From

Question asked by Fred Vraj on Apr 18, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2014 by Fred Vraj

Hi Guys,

I am getting really confused and thank you for your help in advance....

I have been doing and using the same parts in SW all over again every week and I need to make it easier for myself.


What I have done:

I have added ,, Add File Location ,, within design Library ( in my case, called ,,MY PARTS,,

I have not added any parts in it via Design Library but folder shows everything which is in it my PC in this folder.

Can I just use those parts from this Design Library/MY PARTS for any further work?

Or do I have to add all the parts in it manually?

Or are they put in automatically when they are saved in the PC folder ,,MY PARTS ,,?

Now, I want to use lets say PART 001.

I drag the PART 001 in the working screen within SW.

Now, I do some changes to this part if necessary, how do I save this dragged part as a new part? is it SAVE AS?

If I dont click SAVE AS but just a SAVE...will this affect every assembly that includes this part?


It makes me think, is not SW Design Library just  a SHORTCUT to my folder MY PARTS in my PC?



How does this work if I save SKETCH into this Design Library?

If I use SKETCH from this Library, do some changes and click SAVE,

will this affect every file in my PC that includes this sketch?


Thank you so much for your help......:-)