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    Computer specs

    Dustin Stancato



      I am currently running solidworks on the following computer.


      manufacture:      Dell

      model:               inspiron 7537

      Driver:                -intel hd graphics family (

                               -Nvidia geforce GT 750m (

      Processor:          -Quad- intel(R) core(tm) i7-4500u cpu@1.80 ghz

      Ram:                16GB

      System:              64-BIT

                                windows 8

      Hard drive:          1TB  




      I work with very large assemblys with long conveyor systems with alot of parts.

      What can i add to the computer to help it operate as fast and smooth as possible?


      Thank you

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          Scott McFadden


          I would start by comparing what you have to what the system requirements Solidworks says you need and work from there.

          But at least start with what they say as a base starting point.

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              Dustin Stancato

              Thank you for responding,


              Yes i think the intel drive card is compatable but i didnt see the deforce one under solidworks so im guessing that could be a minor isue but as far as ram it requires 8GB so i well exceed that. im not to familiar with the processor information though and how that would play a roll into anything? is it possible to get a bettr processor that would be bigger and better?

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              Jerry Steiger



              Since it is a notebook, about the only thing you can do to improve its performance is adding RAM, but you are already probably in good shape there. Neither the integrated graphics nor the GeForce are very good for SolidWorks. You can't upgrade the slow processor. You are basically stuck with a pig. You can set your Power Options to High Performance; that may help a bit. Try "Change plan settings" and then "Change advanced power settings" to get the most out of your machine.


              You may be able to find a hack that will make your GeForce act more like a professional card. It might help a bit.


              Jerry S.