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    Best practices migrating Solidworks files into EPDM

    Donald Wolf

      I am looking for information on not only best practices for the migration of Solidworks files into EPDM but also best practices of working with files once migrated into EPDM

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          Rod Davidson

          I also am looking for suggestions of best practices of working with files in EPDM.


          A number of people are working on different subassemblies that are part of one large assembly.

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              Oliver Irwin

              We are planning to purchase PDM but presently need to use windows to begin new designs and revisions. I am looking for guidance for what TO DO in windows with a future move to PDM in mind. We have a nearly finished drawing package of our machine, lets call it Machine_A. We are at a point where we are ready to begin Rev 2 of Machine_A, as well as Machine_B. But we are not sure how to structure our file system so that it will easily migrate to PDM once we purchase it. Rev 2 and Machine_B will reference many of the same parts of Machine A, but there will be new parts and revisions. Machine B’s new parts shouldn’t present a problem, because it is a new machine name that will be reflected in the filename, but how should we handle Machine_A Rev 2′s revised parts? In my research Ive seen that there are complications if we add the rev number to the filename, or if we keep the same filename in a revision folder. Any thoughts?

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                  Brian McEwen

                  What ball park quantity of files will you need to migrate Oliver?


                  My two cents:

                  *Duplicate filenames are bad bad.

                  *Revision in file name should be avoided for migration.

                  *It sounds like you will need to migrate both Rev 1 and Rev 2 of your machine.  As you guessed this will create difficulties with one of the rules above.  Duplicates are the greater evil... Keep your current best file names as you want them with no Rev - add Rev only to your older file revisions (probably in different folder too). Be very consistent about how you add Rev as far as syntax; putting at the very end will make it easier to deal with if you automate name changing (I'm fuzzy on the details of how this is done)... We only migrated our newest stuff, so I should shut up about migrating mutliple versions. But duplicates defintely take more work to correct than do filenames that are clear.


                  If you want both versions in the PDM vault (under the same filename) I think you will need to migrate Machine A rev 1, change the filenames to match, and then overwrite with machine A rev 2.


                  If you can just store rev 1 as PDF drawings that will make it much easier.


                  *Get started on EPDM sooner rather than later.


                  *You can do some updates to your templates and custom properties now - consider what data you want to store in data cards - and which of it you want to map to drawings or models (where do you want to change it or display it?).  We also have a Watermark variable on our drawing templates (you can look this up) and EPDM automatically changes it based on file State - you can add the Watermark property to your template now.


                  *Only one part number per file. Avoid configurations with different PN.


                  Good luck.