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Undimensioned features tolerance

Question asked by Ethan Zalkus on Apr 17, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2014 by Matthew Lorono

I was recently presented with a problem involving tolerances for undimensioned features on a drawing. We have a note on all drawings stating that the parts are controlled by the Solidworks database and that the 3D model takes precedence over the drawing and a box in the title block stating "Unless otherwise specified..." with a basic tolerance of .XX is +/- 0.25. So we have this part that was not fully dimensioned on the DWG, and the MFG. used the 3D to pull a dimension off of. The measurement taken was 16.50. I would think they should hold to the +/-0.25 that is stated on the DWG sheet, am I wrong to assume this? Is there any "standard" that would cover a situation like this?