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    Adding C# ComVisible Component DLL to Global Assembly Cache OR Deploy my project dll in client system.

    Jeetendra Prasad





      I created C# ComVisible Component in VS2010 C# Express edition with .Net framework 4.0 . I have done this to make my DLL visible in excel VBA and carry out my automation in excel VBA and use excel as my front end. This make my team's job very simple because excel VBA is the easiest to automate. And my SW API wrapper takes all SW API complexities from them.


      I am attaching code for same.


      In my development system I am able to use output DLL "SWAPIWrapper1.dll" in my Excel VBA. I am able to do so because VS 2010 C# express edition registers DLL through GACUtil.exe.


      However on production system I need to do following steps:-

      1> Copy output DLL "SWAPIWrapper1.dll" to Excel.exe path. [I am forced to do this as I am not able to add the "SWAPIWrapper1.dll" to global assembly cache as GACUtil.exe is not present in client/deployment systems]

      2> Register using "C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\RegAsm.exe" "<PATH>\SWAPIWrapper1.dll"

      3> Add the reference of DLL in excel VBA.




      Is there is simple way to deploy my project to client systems.