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    SWE 2014 SP3

    Daniel Myers

      Anybody test out SP3 yet? 


      SP2 is running nicely for me, so I'll probably hold off unless something really cool got added.

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          Ian Worrall

          The SP3 changelog only lists ONE fix for Electrical!



          IT won't install it for us yet so I have no idea if there are any new shinies.

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              Kevin Bouwman


              The change logs only show the General SPRs that were fix by default if you click on the link to show ALL the SPRs that were fixed you will see half a dozen or more fixes for Electrical.

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                  Ian Worrall

                  Ah, I see now. Thanks. here's a list of all Electrical SPRs listed under SP3:-


                  660178 SOLIDWORKS Electrical: The password to the SQL DB (‘tew’ user) is exposed in clear text in the registry’


                  678729 When adding connection point by reference point is created in the incorrect location


                  702616 Produce a version of SOLIDWORKS Electrical in the Czech language


                  717747 Project wires numbered by equipotential are incorrect when the wires have a large number of connected passing terminals


                  719577 Report List of cable cores grouped by cable - WiringCableGrouped_Imperial.xml lists each cable segment separately


                  723090 Crash when aligning components


                  732994 The Russian 'Getting started' doc shows Chinese language


                  735058 When exporting PDFs, you cannot overwrite an existing PDF even if that's the intent


                  738420 Project - > Cables - > New cable does not display a reference cable


                  740927 Schematic - Insert Symbol - Options - Missing German Translation in Insert Symbol Dialog


                  746785 Harness core sizes are thicker than the harness cable.


                  748810 Reports - List of the cables - The correct SOLIDWORKS Cable Route Length from SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D it is not propagated in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2D reports


                  749894 SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D - Preview" does not localized on SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2014 SP01 for Russian UI


                  751117 SOLIDWORKS Network License Manager SNL installs are installing SOLIDWORKS Electrical by default


                  756419 Manufacturer Parts Manager - Unarchive - Part is not added if the same part number with the same class of different manufacturer exist in the Library


                  758017 SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2D - German interface - 'Filter' & 'Link to PDM' NOT Translated to German.


                  760889 SOLIDWORKS Electrical update from 2014 SP01 to 2014 SP02 - When using SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2D it is not possible to start SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D on the same system


                  761092 SolidWorks Electrical 2D - UI interface in German language - translation for 'Replace' is wrong ('Sostituisci ' insted off 'Ersetzen')


                  765336 SolidWorks Electrical 2D - Macros - Macro with only graphic does not insert into the drawing.
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                Andrew Brown

                I can't even download SP3, the Installation Manager gives me an error message:  Installation files could not be downloaded because: Internal Error: CoCreateInstance({652E77B7-69AA-491B-8C64-25B79239863F}) FAILED. If the problem persists, a proxy server might be preventing automatic downloads

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                  Jody Holm

                  You could not start a line on a vertical or horizantal plane (constrained) without it's end point being horizantal or vertical from it's start point since 2014. SP3 has finally fixed this issue.