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Why would one of four identical parts just mysteriously disappear???

Question asked by Shelly Castel on Apr 16, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2014 by Glenn Schroeder

Using SW14 x64 (no service packs)

Have moved this entire assembly to my desktop. Not pulling anything from the network drives.

Using Wiindows 7 pro

Have 8 GB of Ram

Dell precision T1700

Have been using SW for 6 years


I have never had this happen before where I have needed to put the entire assembly on my local drive.  But this morning when I started this assembly I pulled all parts off the network (like I always have done), but when I would change the view in any way all parts would disappear.  All parts were still there but to see them again I would have to "zoom to".  The "F" key (zoom all) did not show parts.  All I could see was a ghost purple box around the assembly.


As with my last machine I figured SW14 might not like my graphics card.  My last machine I had to upgrade to a screamin' demon graphics card in order to handle larger assemblies and drawings. But then when I moved everything to my local drive the problem went away so I guess my graphics card is sufficient for SW14.


I don't like to work locally but I need to get this assembly whatever....I don't have time to figure out why this is happening. Gliche in SW14?


But the next annoying problem is that when I closed and reopened my assembly one part just isn't visable.  Inserted four identical, simple little rubber feet at the same time, instance #1 just went invisible on me.  I tried everything I knew to try to figure out why.  As far as i can tell all four parts still have the same identical properties.  I did not change anything about these parts.  Just added them to the assembly, period.  They were not the first part added or the last.  Right about in the middle of listed parts.


Any ideas as to why this happened would be appreciated.